All new, and entirely custom.

From the handmade terrain to the unique gamemode itself, every aspect of the server has been from the ground up.
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Network Roadmap

[Owner] Ladinn a posted May 16, 17

I wanted to give everyone an updated on how the server is coming, and what's planned for the future. Below is a somewhat simple roadmap that I've laid out starting last August when we began.

Server Roadmap

  • Economy RP Server ⊗
    • Build main city / spawn ✓
    • Build auxiliary cities ✓
    • Build and setup dungeons ⊗ [almost done]
    • Build and setup war locations (camps, outposts, strongholds) ⊗
    • Build and setup mining companies ✓
    • Build and setup main rail lines ✓
      • Build and setup auxiliary rail lines ⊗
    • Develop plots plugin ✓
    • Develop towns plugin ✓
    • Develop government / Prime Minister plugin ⊗ [almost done]
    • Create new-player questing system ⊗
  • Survival ⊗ [Managed by @qwerty91134]
    • Factions ⊗
      • Build main spawn ⊗
      • Setup admin shop ⊗
    • Peaceful ⊗
      • Build main spawn ⊗
      • Create random-spawn portals ⊗
  • Creative ⊗ [Managed by @Coolwolf]
    • Build main spawn ⊗
    • Integrate plot-world roads with spawn ⊗
  • Survival Games ⊗
  • Custom Kit PvP ⊗
  • MineZ ⊗
  • Prison ⊗
  • Sky-games ⊗
    • Skyblock ⊗
    • Skywars ⊗
  • Mini-games
    • Naval Conquest
      • Build arena ⊗ [started]
      • Develop plugin ⊗ [nearly there]
    • Convoy
      • Build arena ⊗ [started]
      • Develop plugin ⊗ [nearly there]
  • Hub + Arcade / Casino ⊗
  • Network-wide permissions and ranks (chat?) ⊗
  • ElderCraft…?

With most people dealing with exams and end-of-school-year related work this month, development this month has been slow and player activity is lower. However, I'll soon have much more time to be able to work on new servers to be added to the network.

I need your thoughts...

With so many other servers out there, we need something that sets Voxela apart from the rest. Economy RP, so far, is the gamemode that does that. However, not everyone wants to play a server like that. So, we need to have many gamemodes available for all kinds of players, just like the old Voxela and VaultCraft.

With that being said, I've created a forum post and need your help with ideas. Submit a post with your custom gamemode ideas, and I'll try and make them a reality. For every well-constructed idea you give, (not just, "kill as many cows as you can in 60 seconds") you'll get $1000 in-game money on the Economy RP server. Whoever has a winning idea that eventually is put on the server gets a free donator rank on that server along with $15,000 in-game money on the RP server. Keep in mind that these rewards might be changed if they're abused, but give as many ideas as you can- the more the better!

Click here to post your ideas.

Thanks again to everyone who's been sticking around for the past few months while we've been getting everything setup. Let's hope that we can get done soon! If you or someone you know would like to help with building or development, you can always DM me on Discord or send me a message on the website.

After months of development, the server has finally opened. All features have not been completed yet, but you may now join and begin making money. The IP, if you have forgotten, is either,, or

I will be posting soon with more details.

Greetings Voxela,

As some of you guys may of been questioning "What is happening next"? 

Well this post will run you over what is planned to come out soon and what exactly we are working on. 

This week: 


This week will be special because we have planned to hopefully have our Mini-Games open to our beta testers! Let me run you over the Mini-Games. We will first start with a Mini-Game I like to call "Olympics"; The olympics is essentialy a whole bunch of tiny games in one big package! For the release we will have the following "Miniture Games" included in the package. These are Hunt, Arena, Balloon Pop and wool spleef. 


The objective of this game is to stay alive intill the timer runs out along with getting the most kills! Once you have died you are out of that round. Your kills will turn to tokens however. 


In this game it is your job the find the treasure in the sand! All of the sand is filled with small pieces of Iron, Gold and Diamonds! Find the most before the timer runs out. 

Balloon pop: 

Your job in this game is too shoot down the most balloons with your bow! By shooting "special" balloons you will get extra points! Accuracy is the key with this one. 

Wool spleef: 

In this game their is 3 platforms of rainbow wall! Your job is too shear away the wall making players fall down! The last person standing wins! You will also be able to find bonuses and special perks in this game!

If you want to be apart of the Beta-Testing please apply here.


We have recieved multiple suggestions and complaints over the last few days. We have listened and these are the changes that you can expect very soon. 

We will be adding the ability to get spawners soon with silk touch! However we are thinking about adding a system where you have a % chance of getting the spawner depending on the enchants. 

//ADDED. You just need a Diamond Pickaxe and Silktouch! 


- Player Rule 9 changed too "No use of alternate accounts to get around bans/mutes/etcs, doing so will void any ban appeals."



Some of the old players may renember the good old mob arena, I sure do! We are going to be adding this back!

Donation modifications:

 Two of the major complaints we have recieved were regarding /god and /feed. 

 As of the update sometime this week or very soon /god will not stop players from harming you. It will not harm the player if the cause if not from a player. For example if a player is in /god and walks into lava it will not affect them. Now moving onto /feed; alot of people may of released your food level may decrease very fast after use. This will be getting fixed! It will have a saturation level slightly higher then cooked steak. 


Another problem that was occuring was abuse from /fly users. One of our old developers @Miguel has kindly gave us his old plugin that stopped users from pvp flying and using /god as soon as they enter combat. This means that you can expect this feature will be out very soon. 

As for the /enchant users; the missing enchants will also be added soon along with the /hat feature being fixed. 

You can also expect alot of our existing donation packages to recieve bonus features in the following weeks. 

By bonus features I mean commands such as /chest, /craft, /furnace, /bottle and smelt; as talked about in this community users post. 

Voting System

We have decided to soon introduce "Voxela Coins". These are essentials a special coin that can be earned via Mini-Games & voting! With these coins you will be able to save up and buy special ranks! 

Thank you for your time, if you have any suggestions please make a post in our "Server suggestions" area,

Thanks Jex. 

Greetings Voxela,

Every year, this coming season marks an important time in our network's history. I am often asked about the history of our community- how it started, how it rose, how it fell, and everything in between. I believe that there is no better time to answer these questions than when we are nearing our incredible 5th year anniversary. As our community approaches this mark in time, I am asking everyone here to take part in sharing their part of the Voxela / VaultCraft story.

The forum thread linked below will eventually become the entire story of this community. However, because the server has, throughout time, been visited by over one million people, the story cannot be completed by merley one person. That's where you come in.

I need your help in creating the story of our community. So, please head over to the forum thread linked below and write your story on Voxela. Take your time, think of every detail. Find old pictures, videos, audio files- anything that you can. Answer questions like, how did you find the server, and what did you do on it? Try not to spare any details. I will look at everything you write, and include it in the main story.

I hope you enjoy writing- and look forward to our servers anniversary parties coming soon. The VaultCraft 4-year anniversary will be on November 4th, 2015. However, the entire server's 5th-year anniversary party (which matters more) is on December 29th, 2015. Details on these will be released soon.

Thank you, everyone, for playing a part in such an incredible community.

Ladinn, community owner & founder.


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